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A few hours have passed and Bite remains the same to Me: an enigmatic turn towards a very traditional Genre that does not necessarily seek to be recognized as a brutal filmy Variation. This is a grounded Film whose story comes from something very specific and completely different from what one would expect from a Romantic Film.

There are vampires in Bite Me. Sort of.

And these are not the monsters you think about.

But they suffer as such.

Bite Me is the ultimate Rom-Com that dares to enter places with its bold approach of bringing two opposites together. It tells the story of a real vampire who falls in love with the most follish person: an IRS agent.

Sarah and James are the result of an unusual, anti-romantic and unbearably boring meeting. But sometimes souls have to be together when they can only go through the opinions of their colleagues.

Perhaps you would say that the Film should take care of all the ideas that you can come up with. The vampire rules that we are tired of discussing. But Bite Me does not allow itself to be formal, silly or even Standard when considering the basis of romantic comedies. It’s much more natural and raw than you think, and vampire fans will honestly get bored if they don’t show vampirism.

Instead, Bite Me works best when it comes to just making two people do their best to fall in love when they should actually be going their own way. Their relationship is difficult, but they seem magnetic when they are together. A supporting cast is great, but it does not match the most important element of the film: the chemistry between the two main actors and the inevitable result.

On the other hand, when Bite Me tries to expand its premise and deliver a comedy film based on known insight, it becomes slow and definitely uninteresting. It’s full of pop culture notes that show you on screen and make you laugh. But there is nothing more in these quick scenes than the clever use of the ideas evoked in the script. Notes that seem like a clever gimmick to let the audience know that the Film is overconfident.

Regardless, Bite Me works as a romantic comedy because the structure is well set and screenwriter Naomi McDougall Jones, who also plays Sarah, will play it safe with such a risky premise. At first, I wasn’t in love with what the film presented from a grounded point of view. I really thought it was going to explode like a full-fledged vampire movie with horror and comedy Gags. But it really surprised me. It gets serious to me when it doesn’t have to, and genre movies that don’t feel like that are pretty rare.

Bite Me is different because the story it tells explains itself. But it also has the stereotypes of a typical romantic comedy that will pamper some Fans who are looking for the same thing they have seen before. As for me, I appreciated it every time it stayed as a modest film about two very different people who fell in love.

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