Guide To Handle Your High Energy Dog

While some dogs like to lounge on the couch all day, many breeds have been designed as working animals. So it’s no wonder that so many pet owners have problems with high-energy dogs. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure that Fido gets the mental, body and social stimulation he needs to stay cool and collected. Here are some tips for dealing with your high-energy pet:

1. engage in play: It may seem like child’s play, but many owners do not take into account the training requirements of their dogs in relation to the amount of body activity that their pets receive day after day. If your dog cannot stand still, he will probably have to spend more time burning energy during running and games. Participate in games like Fetch or Tug-of-War to keep your dog calm at home while actively connecting with your pet in some of his favorite activities.

2. exercise his brain: many dogs have been bred as working animals, in order to give your pet a task to perform not only exercises his body and brain, but also strengthens his sense of confidence. Nosework teaches dogs to sniff a specific smell, to give them a task that keeps them mentally and bodily active, but even practicing simple tricks can keep your pet busy and lead to a calmer companion. For more intense mind-body workouts, try competitive sports like scuba diving, hats, field trials, and agility training. All this will help strengthen your attachment to your pet.

3. teach good manners: Energetic dogs tend to jump on their owners and bark excessively, which adversely affects the time spent with their pet. Teaching your dog good manners is another form of training that involves his mind while teaching him impulse control. The next time you go for a walk on a leash, fill the bowl with food or throw away his favorite toy, ask your dog to sit down first. As soon as he sits quietly, you immediately reward him with the desired object. Soon your pet will learn that good manners and calm behavior are the best ways to get what he wants.

4. take a walk: One of the easiest ways to Wear down an energetic pet is to make sure that he does a lot of exercises every day. Energy-rich breeds can try to hunt other animals, so keep Fido on a leash and, if possible, walk in quiet areas. Therefore, always keep your companion on a leash to avoid accidents or losing your pet.

With a few lifestyle changes, you can make sure that your Capricious companion receives the Stimulation he needs to be happy, healthy and calm. However, if you have tried these techniques or if your dog is undergoing a rapid behavior change, his excessive energy may be due to an underlying health issue, and you should seek advice from your veterinarian.

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